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Hearing Aids at 'New Way Hearing®'
We take pride in our wide selection of quality hearing aids. 

All of the hearing aids, hearing aid accessories, and associated products we offer are from trusted brands, including the all new Lyric3® Hearing Aids from Phonak!

What Are Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are battery-powered, micro-electronic medical devices that make hearing and understanding speech easier for people with a hearing loss. Hearing aids consist of miniature microphone(s), a digital amplification processor, and a receiver. 

The microphones pick up sounds in your listening environment and turns them into digitized-signals at hundreds of millions of calculations per second. These digitized-signals are processed by a micro-computerized-amplifier that selectively amplifies the acoustic-signals. The receivers are very small speaker systems that change the digitized-signals back into sounds, and deliver the sounds to the wearer’s ear in his or her programmed levels.

Hearing aid technology has become extremely sophisticated. Today’s digital hearing aids amplify soft sounds to make them audible, just like hearing aids of the past, but are able to provide many advantages over past technology. These technological improvements include features that protect wearer’s ears to ensure that sudden loud sounds, like a door slamming, are not too loud. Today’s ‘sound-classifiers’ automatically adjust the characteristics of the hearing aid based on the sounds in the wearer’s listening environment, which are performed seamlessly without the wearer even noticing. And, even features that allow the wearer to wirelessly talk on cell phone, or listen to television, and have the sound amplified in his or her programmed levels to meet their individual listening needs.
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New Way Hearing Aids® offers a new unique experience in hearing healthcare. We treat every patient as a special individual to fit your personal needs. 

We are not just about fitting hearing aids. We are about comprehensive hearing rehabilitation. Effective communication and interaction is the main goal for all our patients.

Our Hearing Clinics are multi-line, which deal direct with the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world. This means we can accommodate any hearing loss, lifestyle and budget, and we are also aligned with most insurances carriers.
​Lyric® Hearing Aids
  • Lyric® hearing aids are 100% Invisible!
  • No batteries to change!
  • No daily insertion or removal is required!
  • No surgery or anesthesia required!
  • Can be worn for up to 120 days at a time!
  • Includes remote control that allows you to adjust volume, put in sleep setting, and to turn Lyric® off!
  • Approximately five 10 minute Lyric® replacement visits per year!
  • Can be used during your daily activities, such as exercising, showering, talking on the phone and sleeping!
  • Available on a subscription basis!
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​Hearing Aid Batteries

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*Lyric® hearing aids are not for everyone. Please call to schedule a FREE Consultation to see if you are an eligible candidate.
Digital Hearing Aids utilize 
'Frequency Shaping' across the spectrum 
of sound, which is programmed for each individual's unique hearing loss.
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Hearing aids do not restore “normal” hearing. Personal experiences vary depending on type and severity of hearing loss, accuracy of testing procedures, proper fitting and one’s ability to acclimate to amplification.
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